Still LIfe

Feature Documentary (in Post) Director: Keith Fulton/David Auerbach Company: Lowkey Pictures Tech: […]

Good Vibrations

Feature Film (Pre-Production) Director/Writer: Delila Valot Tech: Alexa Mini, Zeiss Superspeeds Sizzle […]

Beautiful Idiots

Feature Documentary Director: Michael Ginthoer Company: Blofeldfilm Tech: Sony 4K, Canon K35 […]


Short Film (12min) The Ring Director/Writer: India Dupre Producer: Leander Rappman Tech: […]

Zen & Zero

Feature Documentary Director: Michael Ginthoer Producer: Philip Manderla Production: Liquid Frame Films […]

52 The Trolley Bus

Short Documentary (30min) Director: David Auerbach Producer: Leonid Andolenko Production: Blofeld Film […]

My Good Man’s Gone

Feature Film (2nd Unit) Dierctor: Nick Citton Producer: Kerry van Auken, Nick […]

Red Lopez

  Short Film (15min) Director/Producer: Stephen Frandsen+Hadleigh Earnst Production: Luvboat Film Writer: […]

Crisis – Lost in Greece

Feature Film Director: Michael Ginthor Producer: Michael Gintoer, David Auerbach Production: Novotny […]